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User Guide

Download the msi from the downloads page and run it on the BizTalk Server you wish to document. This will create a shortcut on the desktop from which you can fire up the documenter.

 Documenter Page 1

The application should pick up the Management Server and Database Names. I have not tested against a rules engine so would appreciate feedback on this.  Browse to the path for the exported BizTalk Configuration in the bottom box.

 Export Configuration

To export the BizTalk installation configuration open the BizTalk Server Configuration Utility and select 'Export Configuration'.

Documenter Page 2

The next page of the documenter allows you to view and save orchestration diagrams.

 Documenter Page 3

On the next page you can specify whether to document all the BizTalk applications on the server or select from a list.

 Documenter Page 4

On page 4 select which SSO applications you wish to document.  If you like you can choose to include exported (xml) SSO applications. To understand the schema required select and document the application from the top box and then look at the source in the produced documentation. 

 Documenter Page 5

Finally choose the Report Title, Output Folder (where the help will be produced) and Output Provider (Note: Only the 'Compiled Help' option gives complete documentation at this moment in time).  You can choose a resource folder that contains additional HTML documentation that you want to include. 

 Generate Documentation

Select 'Generate Documentation'

 Help Example

and you should end up with something like this.


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